September 24, 2018


Our primary school is a very friendly place to learn and teach. In the heart of Czestochowa city, our school is mostly attended by children who live locally. There are 342 students in our school – 17 classes with students’ ages between 5 and 14. The Polish school system has changed this school year and we will have students aged up to 15 in the fututre. In 2016 our school celebrated its 50th anniversary and during the 50 years of existence the school built a very good reputation in our town and is one of the leading primary schools in Częstochowa .

It’s vital to show our students the importance of education and the meaning of being well educated in our united Europe. We want to ensure our students become more aware of their own culture, history and traditions. Students should realize the beauties of their own cultural heritage and the understand their responsibilities for looking after it in the future.