September 24, 2018


Jamali primary school is located in countryside, eight kilometres from centre of Lieksa town, a small town in the east of Finland. There are 55 pupils at the school aged from 6 to 13, 4 teachers and three school assistants. We teach many physical exercises, for example athletics, skiing, skating, rink-ball, football, floor-ball, handball, volleyball, basketball, Finnish baseball, badminton, orienteering, folkdance and artistic gymnastics. In addition to we have floorball club and international and sports club after school.

54 pupils come by school transport, only 1 pupil comes to school by herself walking or cycling, or in wintertime by kick sledge or by skis. Many student’s school day lasts 7.5 hours, because school buses and taxis can take 2.5 hours. The longest journey to school is over 30 kilometres. Normally school lessons start at 7.55 and end at 13.55.

Jamali primary school belongs to the Finnish School on the Move, which is a national action programme aiming to establish a physically active culture in Finnish comprehensive schools. At the school we use functional learning, phenomenon centered learning and student’s active participation as much as possible. All teachers of our school know how to co-operate with other schools and make a better school for students.