Our visit to Poland

Our amazing trip to Poland! ( Nikki and Lennart)



On the 21st of may we were going to Poland. That day we needed to wake up at 2:20 a clock. It was really early or late. At 4 o’clock we had to gather up at schiphol. When everyone was there we went to check in. After that our teachers were buying perfume. So we were all like “why are they buying perfume at schiphol?!”  

After a couple of hours we finally arrived in Poland. A taxi driver was waiting for us and he brought us to the hotel. Our rooms weren’t clean yet, so we went to the city of Częstochowa. This city is a place of pilgrimage. We visited some buildings and walked around. We had lunch at the best restaurant ‘McDonalds’!

After that we were going to a trampoline park. That trampoline park was really funny and cool. There was like a ninja warrior parkour and a lot more. When we went back to our hotel the rooms were finally ready. So we went to our rooms and unpacked our luggage. The day past by and it was very late, so we went to sleep.



On Wednesday we had a free day and we went to a very old castle. It was really impressive and we had a great time! After this we had a meal and did some shopping. Bit by bit the people from the other countries arrived. In the evening we went bowling. In the article of Emma and Elvira you can read more about it. 


Thursday we went to school and we met a lot of Polish people and it was really fun. First we had an opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony we got presents from the school to welcome us in Poland. After the ceremony guides gave us a tour around the school. We did the following classes: Polish, math and some more Polish. After these classes we had a warm lunch, which we are not used in the Netherlands but a change is always an adventure. Our warm lunch was a combination of a giant chicken nugget and mashed potatoes. We also went to a monastery with a holy icon, The Black Madonna (see picture above). The holy icon has a long and rough history. It has been damaged, stolen and almost burned. The icon is wearing a dress. After the tour, everyone went to a restaurant in Częstochowa. It was very good and we had a lovely time. When everyone had eaten there portion we went back to the hotel and we went to sleep. 


On Friday we went to the school. At the school our guides picked us up and brought us to the classes. First we had Polish again, second we had science, third was a little break so we ate something. After that we had PE. PE was really fun to do. We played basketbal. After PE we had lunch, this time we had some sort of dumplings. After that we went back to the hotel because we had a big party that evening. So we needed to shower, do our  hair and make-up. At that party we needed to do some quizzes and we had to perform an act. That night was really funny. There were a lot of little Polish snacks. The feast ended at 9 pm. When it was 9 pm we went back to the hotel and go to sleep, because saturday was a really busy day. You can read more about this day in the article of Emma and Elvira. 


 “Wieliczka” salt mine and Kraków (Emma and Elvira)

In May, we went on exchange  to Poland. It was for a school project called Erasmus+.

Wednesday morning we met the English people for the first time at breakfast.                                                                                              

After breakfast we went to the castle of Częstochowa. Elvira and Lennart climbed all the rocks and we made pictures of the view. 

Emma and Nikki played with the an black and white cat. His name was Oreo. After Częstochowa, we went to eat with the children of all the other countries ‘Poland, Spain; Croatia, England and Finland’.

Together we played football. This was really fun. Elvira was really good friends with the English people, but she  thought she wanted to make more friends and Emma went with me. So we talked to the Spanish people and we became closer to the Spanish people. After that we went to the Finnish people to talk, because they were kind of the 3rd weel. So we talked to them, and guess what, we became friends with the Finnish people too. 

We all went out for dinner. It was really fun and the food was delicious we all laugh so much about everything. We invited the english kids over for a pyjama party, but they had to sleep so Lennart, Nikki, Emma and I discovered a play room with a couch, a chair and a pingpong table. 


Saturday 26th of May

In the morning a bus was waiting for us to bring us to the salt mines and Kraków. 

The busride was really fun, we sang along with all sorts of songs from all the countries who competed with the Erasmus project. After two hours we arrived at the salt mines where we waited a few minutes for the guide. We got earphones so we could hear the guide better for if you stood at the back. 

Then, we walked into the building above ours. We had to climb down 54 stairs!

When we were all the way at the bottom. We walked into a hall with lots of salt on the walls and the guide told us we were allowed to taste it, the salt was really nice, so a lot of people tasted it. 

We walked some more until we came into a cave where some stone statues stood. Marvelous!

The guide told us a legend. A long time ago, a princess married someone. Instead of gold and diamonds, she wanted rock salt as marriage gift from her father. So he gave her a really big salt mine in Hungary. But she didn’t know how to move the mine to Poland. She looked up at the sky and asked God for advice. After a while she knew what to do. She removed her engagement ring and threw it into the mine shaft. On the way home, she visited the grounds of the area. This ground she would rule in the future. At one point, she ordered the attendants to stop and dig in the place she indicated. But the miners hit rock, and told her they could not dig any further. The duchess, however, asked them to chip off a piece of the rock. One of them gave the princess a white piece of rock which she recognised as a lump of salt. She ordered them to break it, and, to everyone’s surprise, found her engagement ring inside the lump – the same one that she had thrown into the shaft in Hungary. Everyone knelt on the event of such a miracle because they understood that the wedding gift that the princess asked for (rock salt) had been magically brought to Poland through her ring. 

After the salt mines we enjoyed our lunch in beautiful surroundings. After lunch we played with water from a fountain and all children joined us. Everybody was wet. it was so fun after the water fight we walked back to the bus to go to Kraków. 

We had a tour round the old city. What a beautiful city! We got two hours of shopping by yourself after that we had to say goodbye and everybody cried.

The whole group, Dragon of Wawel, Kraków.

If you get a chance like this,  please do it it’s so worth it!